Ocala Massage Questions

Massage: True or False Questions.
1) _____ Massage is a new modality in the health care field.
FALSE-Massage is one of the earliest remedial practices of humankind & is the most natural & instinctive means of relieving pain & discomfort.

2) _____ Some health insurance companies pay for massage.
TRUE- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida covers massage therapy & soon hopefully more will follow.

3) _____ The #1 benefits of massage is increasing blood & lymph flow.
TRUE- Massage helps with many things. Blood & lymph circulation is the #1 benefit.

4) _____ Massage can make you lose weight.
FALSE- Massage does not directly help you lose weight, but it does help bring your body back to homeostasis so it can run at its best.

5) _____ In the state of Florida massage therapist don’t have to be license.
FALSE- The State of Florida requires ALL Massage Therapist to be licensed.

6) _____ You should drink extra water after your massage.
TRUE- When getting a massage toxins are pushed out of your muscles & if you drink water you will eliminate them. If you don’t drink extra water your body will reabsorb them.

7) _____ You have to get completely undressed to get a massage.
FALSE- Some people choose to get completely undressed. You may leave as much clothing on as you feel comfortable with. Many people leave their under garments on.

8) _____ Massage can help you detox your body.
TRUE- Toxins are pushed out of your muscles & your lymph system is circulating more.

9) _____ Getting regular massages help the health of your muscles their by causing less pain.
TRUE- Getting massages regularly can help prevent pain by controlling your trigger points, which is what causes pain a lot of the time.

10) ____ Only medication can help with migraines & other severe headache.
FALSE- There are massage treatment plans that can help with or even completely eliminate migraines & headaches.

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