Sinus Massage

Stop Suffering

It has been estimated that over 35 million people suffer from sinusitis. Perhaps you are one of these folks. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Nasal congestion, facial pain, pressure, ear pain, dental pain, bad breath, persistent cough, red painful eyes, headache and fatigue. Its painful just to listen to them.

Have you tried all kinds of meds or just decided to suffer? You have another choice, massage! Massage can help prevent or shorten the duration of sinusitis. Massage is appropriate for chronic non infectious sinusitis, but not for the acute (severe or critical) stage of sinus infections.

How? How can massage help? Here’s how.

Sinus Massage: To promote drainage and alleviate congestion.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Because this manual technique stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid, it helps the body thin out mucus. Especially when applied to lymph vessels in the head and neck, properly applied lymphatic drainage massage can reduce congestion and sinus pressure.